Update Jan. 2017

Been a while, and Enchanted Emotions, book two of the enchanted series is still not finished.  I’ve been sidetracked with learning new disciplines, particularly engraving, and the holidays didn’t help.

Below are some pictures of my engraving pieces.

I have a couple of projects to complete before getting back to writing like I should, and I’m looking forward to publishing book 2.  All the ladies at Enchanted Notions are excited about it so I have to get busy…


First pic is a piece for a Nurse…  1957 Quarter, her birth year.  And the RN is 24k gold inlay…

Second is Santa Clause on a 2016 Quarter.  Made a bunch for Christmas presents.

Third is a Hobo Nickel in the classic style.  Cut on a Buffalo Nickel of undetermined vintage, or would that be mintage?

Fourth is a Hobo Nickel on a 1974 in my own design.


Max-RN-Finished-web Santa-oil-paint-web Hobo-Buffalo-Nickel-no-date-06022016-rework-1-web 1974-Fedora-nickel-web

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