The mysterious and weird phenomenon of Twitter has a new member–me…   barrybonnell@tweedlebb   I don’t have a clue, so I tweet stuff and follow people but it doesn’t track for me too well yet.  I will learn.  Already found out that I can follow my favorite authors and tweet my old baseball organizations.  My first follower was a guy in Berlin Germany, and I asked him how he found me, and he said, “Randomly, baseball near Cincinnati.”  Still don’t understand it, since I had not tweeted anything about baseball or Cincinnati.  Must be on a list somewhere.  I’m following him, but he tweets in German and the translator makes him sound logically challenged.  Then, my daughter in law, Shannon found me.  I guess she gets a notice whenever somebody in her phone list signs up.  Seems like there is not a lot to do, you get dragged in no mater what.  Cool!


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