The Hobbyist Blacksmith
If you can hammer a nail, you can be a blacksmith.

You’ve probably admired ironwork gates, fences, tables, candle-holders, sconces, fireplace tools, hooks, hangars, and a myriad of other useful as well as decorative hand forged iron pieces. You probably like the nostalgic, retro look; the weight, and durability of iron. But it’s too expensive so you pass it by, opting for a mass-produced piece of goza to hang your flower baskets, pots and pans, or to hold your candles.

That’s what I did before I learned to make those things myself. Now I enjoy the classic, artistic, robust nature of forged iron, through the incredible satisfaction of crafting iron with my own hands, at low cost. And I found that it's not as difficult or as expensive as I thought. Anybody can enjoy the art of the blacksmith with a little instruction and a few basic tools. This book will show how it's done, or at least how I did it.

In progress...