Milford UFO Club

It's 1965 in the little town of Milford, Ohio, where a group of young boys join on a quest to find real evidence of alien life.   They form a "UFO Club" with an adult adviser who shows them what to look for, how to report to the correct authority, and what to do in the event of a close encounter.   That summer the boys mingle pranks and pratfalls with moments of terror that change them forever.  They not only have a close encounter, they make friends with aliens who take them on adventures that span Galaxies.

This story portrays the small town boyhood experience but slams it together with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and a little bit of The Fourth Kind too.

In progress...

Here is a sample:

(BACKGROUND: Tweenagers, Bob and Jack, are the founders of MUFOC--Milford UFO Club.   They stargaze with members of the club in the middle of the night.  During their first meeting they use a detached car headlight to flash Morse code signals into the sky, a challenge for aliens to visit, if they really are up there.  The boys have a rudimentary magnetic field detector, homemade out of a door buzzer and a magnet, and they call it a UFO detector.)

Back at Bob’s picnic table, with the help of Bob's flashlight, Jack unscrewed the gallon-sized plastic pickle jar from the UFO detector.  He stabbed the knife into the side of the jar and sawed out four window panels all the way around, with an inch-wide support between them.  Then he ran plastic wrap around the jar a couple times to craft view ports.  He put the jar back on the detector and switched on the power.  About a minute later it went off.

“Jack, what are you doing, turn that thing off, you’re gonna' wake up my dad,” Bob ordered.

“Hey man, it’s going off on its own--I’m not touchin’ it.  Besides, you remember how quiet it was in the laundry room when we were out here.  We could barely hear it.  It won't wake anybody up.  Look, the magnet’s pointing to the southwest,” Jack said as he shined the flashlight in through the newly crafted windows in the detector housing.    He turned the buzzer off because the boys were already alerted and Jack watched the magnet move slowly from southwest to directly west.  “Look at this, it’s trackin' somethin'.”

The guys all crowded around the picnic table to watch the magnet pull against its wire.  It moved in twitches to slightly north of west.  The magnet pointed across the vacant lot toward the woods on the other side of Pleasant Hill road.

Then, blue-green light filtered through the tops of the trees.  The boys stood up as one and moved to the chain link fence on the west border of Bob’s yard, the side that adjoined the vacant lot.  The light cast shadows that drifted across the road like ghosts.

“Maybe it’s a helicopter a couple hundred yards back from the edge of the woods shining a spotlight in our direction,” Kelsey whispered.

But the light was bluish green in color, not the stark white of a spotlight.  There was no sound at all, just eerie, blue-green light moving in their direction.

Jack’s hands were on the top bar of the fence, because he seemed to need something to hold onto, to steady his quaking knees, and he noticed a vibration in the fence.  He tore his gaze away from the light for a moment to see what caused the fence to buzz in that peculiar way when he noticed that the metallic surface of the entire fence was covered in a shimmering blue-green luminescence.

The boys had heard of St. Elmo’s fire, but none of them had ever seen it except in the movie version of Moby Dick. The fence looked very much like the rigging of the Peaquod on the night that Ahab quenched the supernatural fire on his harpoon.  Jack seemed to know that in the book, Ahab had extinguished the “corpusant” with his breath, not his hand.  The movie was different.

Why is this in my head, where is it coming from, Jack thought, and then realized the information somehow entered him through the fence.  Then a blast of information rushed into his brain, shocked him with its intensity.

“The fence!” Jack shouted and realized that his hands were clamped to it, as if his very flesh was magnetic.  He forced his hands open and pulled away with a backward lunge.

When his hands separated from the fence a shower of sparks and blue green lightning bolts passed between his fingers and the top rail.  An odd phrase, Elbowed lances of fire, flashed into his brain as the bolts danced between his hands and the metal.  He felt a slight tingling sensation that made his fingers twitch, then a subtle numbness dissipated through his hands a little way up his wrists.

Jack looked at his hands and then looked at his friends all attached to the fence, each one with both hands on the top bar as they stared at the blue-green light progressing toward them from behind the trees.  The guys quaked as if an electric current passed through them from the fence to the ground at their feet.

Jack suddenly became aware of buzzing, like bees in a hive just over his head.  He looked up; there was nothing but night sky with stars blazing brighter than he’d ever seen them before.  He looked back down at his friends and saw the blue-green light dance over their fingers and then their hands and then their wrists.

“The fence, the fence–let go of the fence,” Jack shouted as he grabbed Bob and pulled him off, then Bill, Mike, Dick, Mark, and David in turn.

All of them came to their senses after a moment.  They stared at their own hands, and then the curved top of a flying saucer broke over the edge of the woods.  It glowed with the same light that still played on the fence and slowly the saucer hovered into view above the trees as it continued to move in their direction.

They stood rooted to the ground, mesmerized by the sight before them as the saucer drifted closer.  Slowly it cleared the trees, and then descended into and nearly filled the field next to Bob’s yard.  The ship was about a hundred feet in diameter and at least thirty feet thick, tapered to about a three-foot radius at the edge of the disk.

The blue-green light that emanated from it seemed to have a liquid depth to it.  Several feet from the surface of the saucer the light played and shimmered like a pool of water that surrounded the entire craft.  The light was so bright that it hurt their eyes but none of them looked away.  The sight held them all fixed in place.

As the craft settled toward the ground, the boys felt the tingle in their hands again and Jack forced himself to hold his arms out in front, where he could see.  His hands glowed, covered in the same light that danced on the fence, now several inches thick around the chain link, liquid and deep like the saucer.

Jack’s hands, wrists, and arms were covered with the same light, and he shouted at the guys.  “Look, look at your hands!”

They all obeyed in somnambulant motion, as if they were hypnotized.  David seemed to wake up at the sight of his glowing hands and arms.  He brushed at the light, tried to wipe it off.  Then he snapped his hands out to flick it off.  He wiped and flicked over and over, faster and faster, and shouted, “Get it off, get it off.  Help me get it off!”

The rest of the group stared at their hands for a moment and then continued to gaze like zombies at the saucer now extending three landing legs.  David frantically wiped and flicked without affect and Jack just stared at him--wondered why he could not go to David’s aid.

David realized that he was helpless and couldn't move, even though he wanted to, while his panic continued to increase.  Pushed by the terror of a life-or-death need to flee; David forced his feet to move.  He picked up his feet one at a time, tried to run away, but he only ran in place.

Elbowed lances of fire danced from his feet to the ground at every step.  He wiped and flicked and picked up his feet, hopped around and screamed to get it off.  Lightning bolts slashed from his feet and he picked them up higher and higher each time. David would have looked comical if the boys could have brought their minds into control long enough to laugh.  But David didn't laugh, he was terrified and finally the spell over him snapped.  He broke into a sprint toward the glowing gate as elbowed lightning bolts extended from his feet with every stride.  When he reached the gate he kicked it open and dashed around the corner of Bob’s house, screaming to get it off the whole time, headed toward the safety of his own home.

After David left, Jack looked back at the saucer that had already extended a cylinder from the center of its bottom that the boys somehow knew was an entrance.  The cylinder had come out while Jack watched David hop around, and the buzzing had ceased.  Two beings had exited from an opening in the cylinder.  They were about the same size as the boys, but the aliens wore shiny green jumpers.  Their garb reminded Jack of the bunny suits that small children wore to bed in the winter, only made of green tin foil.  They had a large head with massive almond-shaped, slanted eyes.

The aliens walked toward the fence, already half way there by the time Jack had turned back from watching David run away.   The blue-green light had diminished to almost nothing.

Then Jack sat up in his sleeping bag and watched a policeman shake the boys awake in turn...