About Me
A background in Journalism at Ohio State University, and careers in baseball, flying, healthcare, and my own import company, produced a very broad base of experience for me.    As a writer I've found my skills useful in many disciplines both in business and for pleasure.  And I've found that in writing, business and pleasure are pretty much the same thing.

Miamiville and Milford, Ohio are home.  With Stefnie, my wife of 42 years and counting, we raised our family in the Seattle area, and we're still here.

My business interests have been divested, mostly, in favor of a full time commitment to a hopefully successful writing career.  My first published book, an urban fantasy, Enchanted Notions, is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and eBook formats.  The second book of the Enchanted series is about half done.

My personal memoir, Steel Ribbons is also finished and I'm seeking representation for for that one.

Works in progress include:

Why Do Hitters Step in the Bucket?
Correct Performance Zone(sm) Hitting Method

The Milford UFO Club

Diamonds from the Sky
(Action Adventure)

(The Aramaic word for "Scribe")
Discovering the Writings of Jesus’ Personal Scribe.

Wizard Mountain
(The Boxcar Kids meet Smaug)

The Hobbyist Blacksmith
If You Can Hammer a Nail, You Can Be a Blacksmith.