Enchanted Notions is published!  Get it at and the Kindle Store.   Still waiting on Nook approval.  What a process!  I can see how so many people never get their work to print.  A couple days ago, I had the impression that I could upload my Word file, but it has to be converted to a PDF. That’s not so bad, but then I moved to the eReader uploads and found all the horror stories about what happens to the formatting.  You want something to look better than a third grade journal entry, so you have to follow the threads to become a lay expert in ePub and Mobipocket.  Finally found a video by India Drummond that showed how she does it.  She uses Jutoh, an editor that takes a simply formatted Word document and converts it into ePub for Nook and Mobipocket for Kindle, and many other formats.  Nice! Worked pretty much as advertised, but it costs $40, and there are free ones, but there are stories.  I bit the bullet and was glad I did.  You’ll need to upload both the free viewers for Kindle and Nook, presuming you want to publish at both of them.  For the Kindle file you also need a free program called Kindlegen, but I suggest that you wait until installing Jutoh, because Jutoh will download and install Kindlegen where it wants it to be.  Otherwise you have to figure out how to point Jutoh to where you saved Kindlegen.  Not a big deal for somebody with a little computer savvy, but completely daunting for people who have less experience with computers.  CTRL T is something you will need to remember if you install Kindlegen ahead of Jutoh.  Anyway, Enchanted Notions is uploaded and ready to sell.  I priced it at $13.13 which is a nice witchy number, and will assure that European markets will return at least a few pennies.  The Kindle and Nook price is $4.99 and I tried to set up a free Kindle version for peeps who buy the print book, but that particular button was a little stitchy.  When I went back into the admin section, the free button had $1.99 in it.  I changed it back to free, so we’ll see what happens when somebody tries it…  I guess I’ll buy it myself and check.  Not sure what else to do, but I’ll let you know when I find out…

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