Enchanted Notions print proof delivered!

Yahoo!  It’s here, arrived just a couple minutes ago.  I have a completed and printed novel in my hand!  I did it!  With the usual support, of course, Stefnie, my friends and relations, and all the people who read it and agreed to participate as characters.  Valli Eichstedt and Chip Batcheller for their editing and encouragement.   It’s just the proof copy but it looks pretty good so far.  I’ll give it a thorough perusal and then finish the process so it can go on sale.   It’s a very satisfying thing to complete such a project and this is only the first of many that are intended, so here we go.  It’s a daunting process, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  Once I get it all down, I’ll help others realize their dreams of publishing.  Now on to marketing.

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