Enchanted Emotions
Enchanted Emotions is the second book in the Enchanted series and it's in progress.  The team of good guys, men and women with awesome power, travel by paddle wheel riverboat from Cincinnati to New Orleans.

Romance on the boat is complicated with ghosts and worrisome Tarot readings.  The near future looks problematic in the cards.  

Voodoo action in The Big Easy makes things not so easy for Jason, Robin, and the rest of the team. 

More killer romance, more killer action, and familiar, beloved good guys from the first book enhance their awesome powers with witchfire!  Oh yeah baby... Takin' names and kickin' ass, just the way we like it.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Here is a sample:

Jason O’Hara woke in dungeon-dark, unfamiliar surroundings and stumbled out of bed in need of the facilities.  He bumped into what he would find out later was the dresser, and then stubbed his toe on the armoire.  His muffled curse seemed to turn on a light, and then he remembered where he was, Robin’s house.

“Out the door and across the hall,” she said from her side of the bed. “No master suite with bath in this house,” which was an older, late 40’s ranch style in Milford, Ohio.

“Right, thanks,” Jason said and hurried across the hall.

When he came back, he found Robin propped up on a couple pillows with the bedding pulled to her neck, her blond hair framed her face, and he tried to remember, Did we do anything last night?

He was still fully clothed, except for shoes, and figured that there was probably not a lot that had happened in that state of dress.  Then the fog cleared.  They had talked for a while in the driveway where Jason was supposed to drop her off, but he couldn’t keep his eyes open.  She suggested that he spend the night and he agreed through semi-consciousness.  Robin had basically carried him into the house, because he was just too exhausted from the fight with the dark wizard Penthraig and his minions, the succubus, and the demon, and from all the healings he’d performed at the evil wizard’s club, Caleo.  Robin had pushed Jason into the bed and she’d swung his feet up, that’s where she pulled off his shoes, and it’s the last thing he remembered.

She had tucked him in, and then showered, night-gowned up, and slipped in beside him.  He didn’t know, but she kissed him on the cheek and fell asleep on his shoulder.

Now it was 4am on Sunday morning and he stood at the foot of the bed where Robin addressed his hesitation, “Why don’t I turn off the light and you can get out of your pants and shirt and get back into bed.  I promise to keep my hands to myself,” she said and snapped the light off.

The sound of pants hitting the floor made her smile and when he scootched close, she put her head on his shoulder.  He wrapped his arm around and they listened to each other breath for a few moments, then he said, “You know, I was pretty much happy with my life three days ago, before I stumbled into your shop.  I’d fallen into a routine, and I was comfortable with it, with life in general.  I felt safe and content with things; worked with the pets at the office; and bangin’ around in my workshop at home felt like the life of Riley.  I did whatever I wanted and answered to nobody.  I’d hang out with the guys once in a while, and I’ve been on a date or two, but the boat was on calm waters and I was happy to float along.

“Now I realize that I was just a passenger, not really alive, I just drifted along with the routine.  Then, something really odd happened to me when I walked into your shop.  For the first time since my divorce, I was lonely.  Before I walked into your store on Thursday I was content, and now I can’t sit for ten minutes without thinking about you.  I pine for you when we’re apart, and can’t wait to see you again.  There’s nothing calm about my life anymore and not because of the magic, well, partly because of that I guess, but it’s mostly you.”

Robin said nothing but tears ran down onto Jason’s T-shirt so he pulled her in a little tighter, and continued, “I don’t know how else to define it, I’m falling in love with you, Robin.  Fell, is better.  I’m suddenly completely unhappy and terribly lonely.  I want to be with you all the time.”

Robin sobbed and snuffled, “But there’s something you need to know about me. . .”

“Oh God, I was afraid of that, you’ve bewitched me.  It’s all a spell, isn’t it?”

Robin giggled through her sobs, “No Jason, I haven’t spelled you.  I do admit that when I wear my top-hat, it’s got a little mojo on it, just to smooth out the wrinkles and boost things up here and there.  It’s nothing really.  I wouldn’t do such a thing, not a love spell for cryin’ out loud.”

“Whew, that’s good to know.  So what’s the problem?”

Robin sobbed harder, “I’m just really unlucky at love, that’s all.”

“Unlucky, you’re kidding.  I’m feelin’ a little insulted right now; you seemed to put so much store in the whole seventh son thing and now you have one in your bed and you think that’s unlucky.”

“Well, I’ve been right here all night and you haven’t even tried to touch me.  I’d say that was pretty unlucky.”

“So, you want to get lucky, huh?  I’m thinkin’ that’s kinda' the guy’s line, isn’t it?”

“Oh shut up and kiss me,” she said, so he did, and soon Jason was touching her all over the place.

They were just about to get even more personal when a voice broke into their heads, “Ok guys, I’ve had enough,” Monica shouted into their minds, and both of them nearly jumped out of their skin.  “You gotta’ get control of this psychic network thing before you sex-educate all of us.  We’re all on line now.  I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about it until Jason teaches us how to block the passion vibes.  It comes across like ya’ll pushed a panic button and sirens are going off in my head. Not to mention the obvious.  Hate to tell you, but we’re all about to get laid at the same time.  Not that I’d mind, but that kind of thing should be more private.”

Hi Rob, hi Jase,” Sara called into their heads.

Hey guys, Steve says hello and he wishes he could hear too,” Francine added.

“Oh no!” Robin shouted and ran from the bed with the sheets wrapped around her like a cocoon.

Jason laughed and shouted after her, “Now I get it, unlucky in love.  I believe you now.”

“Shut up knucklehead,” she yelled back from the liquor cabinet where she poured a shot of Jack.

Jason had spent the last three days and most of a night in the company of witches, Robin being one of them, and they taught him who he really is, and educated him in the magical arts.  In the process of his instruction, the Guardians of the Watchtowers and the Goddess, Hecate, had tasked them all with their mission to bring balance and justice to a world run amok with evil strong-men who enlist demon servants.  The combat team included the strong but gentile Wiccans of the quaint, eclectic, gift and metaphysical services shop, Enchanted Moments. 

Their first target was the dark wizard, Penthraig, who owned and operated the elicit workings of underground Cincinnati.  The final battle royal with the dark wizard and his full-demon minion had occurred just hours before in the warrens of the warlock’s club.  The intercession of the Goddess Enodia, protector of entrances and exits, put paid to the balance sheet of the dark wizard of Cincinnati.  Now they would be tasked anew, but first, there was a need to rest and plan for the future using their experience of the last few days.

Jason had turned a light on and when Robin returned to the bed, she carried two glass tumblers, each with a finger of Jack.  Jason had switched off the psychic network that the witches all shared.  As a seventh son of a seventh son, he was the leader of the group, with authority granted by the Goddess, so he could do such things.  He had established the net to allow his team to communicate in a secure manner without the need to tap a lay line, which could be intercepted.  His team had listened in on the workings of their enemy using just that method; they had tuned into the line communications between Penthriag and his underlings.  Jason’s team found it difficult to tune out of the net when things were either dangerous, or, now they all knew, passionate.  He wondered why passion and danger caused the same response on their psychic network.  Perhaps they were close to the same thing in certain circumstances.

Robin handed Jason a tumbler and sipped her own as she rounded the bed and slipped back into her side.  Jason left his light on while they contemplated the events of the last three days, and began, “We need to figure out a weapon that works on incorporeal demons.”

“Oh jeesh, I was mortified when the needle I fired passed right through Alastor and hit David.  I wasn’t sure what it would do to him.”

“It’s just a needle to a human, and you put the right amount of force on it so he could pull it out himself.  Well done by the way.”

“Thanks, but it didn’t seem very well done, since the demon escaped.  How about Enodia, that was wicked cool, huh?”

“Amazing, but I don’t know if we can expect that kind of help every time.  We need more weapons.”

“I agree, and I think I know what will work, witchfire.”

“Witchfire?  What is it and how do we get it?”

“Nobody around here really knows what it is.  After we were granted the weapons we already have, I thought the fire was it.  But now that I think about it, and after what happened with the demon, I think the fire we have is purely elemental, and that makes sense since it was granted by the guardians of the elements. 

“Most people think witchfire is nothing more than Saint Elmo’s fire, but according to legend in the covens, it’s more than that.  It’s supposed to be powerful, like the fire we already have, but I think it’s probably more effective on the ethereal; or incorporeal as you put it.  I guess it’s more of a spiritual kind of fire now that I’ve used the fire we have.  I’m pretty sure if I’d tried our fire on the demon after he had separated from the human host, it would have passed through the ethereal form just like the needle did.  And that would have been a whole different story for Dave.   I would have cooked his ass to cinders.  Just the thought of it makes me shiver.”

“Well, that didn’t happen, thank the Goddess, and now we know.  So where do we get witchfire?”

“We only have tradition and old tales that mention it.  None of us have ever seen it and nobody knows exactly what it is.  I suggest we call the corners and get some advice.”

“Sounds like a good idea, but not right now I hope.”

Robin patted his cheek and waggled his chin, “I hate to break it to ya’ lover, but the thrill is gone.”

“Psychic network buzzkill, huh?”

“Sorry, maybe later.”

“Well, I guess I better go home and get cleaned up.  Then we can go back to the shop and call the corners.”

“It’s not even 4:30 yet.  Why don’t we just snuggle in for some more sleep and start fresh after that?”

Jason turned off the light and they fell asleep in each other’s arms content, but not satisfied.