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Almost forgot to go back to the Bowker ISBN identifier manager to get listed in their Books-in-Print database.  Takes a few minutes to fill out all the required fields, like size, weight, price of your print book, description, author bio, etc., and then repeat everything for the eBook.  You have to upload a PDF of the entire manuscript for both print and eBook.  Remember, these formats have to use their own unique ISBN, unless you use the Createspace supplied ISBN, which I don’t recommend.  Once you fill out all the required fields, your information is submitted for approval and uploaded to the database.  Takes a couple days to be added to the database but it won’t hit their web product for 7 to 10 days and it will take a month to get on the CD.

Here is the how-to information from the Bowker Indentifier Services web page:

Bowkers Books In Print is comprehensive [and] combines the valuable content you’ve always found with exciting new features and tools for facilitating research. Books In Print helps you search the marketplace and find just the right titles, in all format options, including ebooks.

The value of being added to the Books In Print database, which is owned by Bowker, is that you will find your book titles in a variety of products, which includes companies like Barnes & Noble and Google Books, products like Books In Print, or library search engines through Bowker’s Syndetics products. All said, more than 100 million people use our data to search for books. Being in this database is free, simple, and a necessary part of being included in the search results. It all Starts Here!

  1. You have purchased your ISBN
  2. You have written your manuscript
  3. Now it requires you to insert your title data.

How do I insert my book’s Title Data?

  1. Log into your account above.
  2. Select “My Account” in the upper right hand corner. The default result for clicking the button will be Edit ISBNs.
  3. [CLICK ON YOUR RESPECTIVE TITLE TO OPEN THE FORM–they left this part out but you would have figured it out eventually, like I did, duh…]  To be inserted into the database, you will need to fill out all the required data. To improve your chances of being found, you will want to fill out all the data.

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